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iPhones are the most wanted innovative phones in the smart phone market. Latest models of the iPhones are always popular among the customers especially in the United Kingdom. Now the latest invention of the Apple is the iPhone 5S which is breaking records of the previously launched Apple iPhones. So, to make this phone special our website www.iphone5scontracts.me.uk is there to expand the popularity of the iPhone 5S throughout the United Kingdom.

Rumored iPhone 5S Specification

Camera Primary: 8 MP, Secondary: 1.2 MP
Standby Time Up to 225 hours
Dimensions 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm (4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 in)
Weight 112 grams
Screen Size 4 inches
Internal Phone Memory 16/32/64GB
OS iOS 7
Chipset Apple A7X

Our website allows every prospective customers of the iPhone 5S to get this extra- ordinary iPhone through special contract deals in cheap prices as per the conveniences of your pocket and requirements. In our website you will find the leading mobile network providers of the United Kingdom namely the O2, Vodafone, Three, T- Mobile and Orange are enabling the superior iPhone 5S in contract deals of 12, 18 and 24 months. The information of the iPhone 5S contract given by our website, you can compare and choose your pick of particular contract deals which suits you the best.


In our site, you will witness that the contract deals proposed by the network providers for the sake of the iPhone 5S is priced more or less same. The price which you pay for the iPhone 5S contract deal depends according to the various types of contract deals and its offered facilities. It is up to you which plan you choose according to your budget. However, the basic monthly price provided by the network provider in a 24- month contract is £25 onwards but you need to pay more for better upgraded contract plans.

Apple - iOS 7 - Design_20130618-125537

Thus, through our website you can get the very features of the iPhone 5S contract deals from the network providers along with the extent of the benefits like calls, texts and data allowances. You can browse our website and select your iPhone 5S contract within a few clicks.

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Apple 5S

Oct 04, 2013 by Garry

Terrific smartphone. Mind blowing speed. I want to know is these deals are validated to UK only?

4.0 4.0 1 1 Terrific smartphone. Mind blowing speed. I want to know is these deals are validated to UK only? HOME
Latest News
By Friday, October 4, 2013. category: News

After the launch of iPhone 5s, there is going a huge discussion about it’s 64-bit processor. Some are praising about its new chipset white other do not agree with their statements.

According to the report of Techworld, Qualcomm’s CMO has said that, “the announcement of 64-bit chipset was nothing more than a “marketing gimmick. There’s zero benefit a consumer gets from that.” According to him a 64-bit processor is not at all needed to be in iPhone 5s because it is only necessary when the device has greater than 4GB of RAM, whereas the iPhone 5s only contains 1GB of RAM.

Qualcomm is a developer of Snapdragon processors, whose CMO added that inevitably the technology will definitely move to 64-bit at some point in the future Read More..

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By Monday, September 23, 2013. category: Blog

Apple has finally launched the long- awaited successor of the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S across the globe. The iPhone 5S is the new competitor in the Android market. Choosy designs and remarkable features have enticed the customers to purchase this Apple phone.

The handset of the Apple iPhone 5S is available on the choicely colors like the space grey, silver and gold colors. The design retains the usual similar glass and the aluminum body but with extra aluminum edging to provide a little bling. Read More..

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